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Igor Laze has released 4 full length albums and his latest release is "Departure" .  Here you can find links to the store for all the albums for purchase, download and streaming.

"Igor Laze crafts a classic album with a true knack for storytelling on the soulful “Departure”. The attention to detail feels profound for not a gesture is wasted. Every single detail point to a path along a greater journey. Best taken in as a singular whole, the way the songs work together is profound. With each piece, he offers a chapter in an engrossing, growing story"  Enthropy Magazine

"It fuses a standout lead vocals in its deceptive simplicity with almost ethereal hushed harmonies. To that, a rich yet well-arranged instrumentation adds its layers that enchant rather than deter. The lyrics also contribute to the set atmosphere. The quality of his music comes from the distinctive blend that the artist offers in each track." 1inMusic Magazine